Ketamine & Related Compounds International Journal Club

Intravenous ketamine for treatment-resistant depression patients who have failed to respond to transcranial magnetic stimulation: A case series

Presented on 27 June 2023
Tuesday 27th June 2023 | 05:30 PM (UK time) | 12:30 PM (EDT NY time) | 09:30 AM (PDT LA time)
Laurel S. Morris
Olivier Payette, Paul Lespérance, Véronique Desbeaumes Jodoin, Christophe Longpré-Poirier, Laurent Elkrief, Maxime Richard, Nicolas Garel, Jean-Philippe Miron.
J Affect Disord. 2023 Apr 17;333:18-20. doi: 10.1016/j.jad.2023.04.019. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37075822
Presenter: Jean-Philippe Miron, MD, PhD, FRCPC Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Neuromodulation Unit (UNP), University of Montreal Hospital Center (CHUM) Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Addictology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal Principal Scientist, CHUM Research Center (CRCHUM), Montreal, Quebec, Canada