Ketamine & Related Compounds International Journal Club

Comparative Effectiveness of Intravenous Ketamine and Intranasal Esketamine in Clinical Practice Among Patients With Treatment-Refractory Depression: An Observational Study

Presented on 12 September 2023
Tuesday 12th September 2023 | 05:30 PM (UK time) | 12:30 PM (EDT NY time) | 09:30 AM (PDT LA time)
Laurel S. Morris
Balwinder Singh, MD, MS; Simon Kung, MD; Vanessa Pazdernik, MS; Kathryn M. Schak, MD; Jennifer Geske, MS; Phillip J. Schulte, PhD; Mark A. Frye, MD; and Jennifer L. Vande Voort, MD.
J Clin Psychiatry. 2023 Feb 1;84(2):22m14548. doi: 10.4088/JCP.22m14548. PMID: 36724113

Presenter: Simon Kung, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Vice Chair for Research, Consultant, Department of Psychiatry and Psychology, Mayo Clinic Depression Center, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota.